Atlas Rally was founded by a group of friends back in mid 2015 with the idea of creating an international car community. We exist on the sole purpose on bringing petrol heads from different parts of the world together as one. Allowing our members to travel, and still know that the presence of their car club exists and rest assured will be looked after.

We are aiming to take our car club beyond borders like no others have done before.

Atlas Rally's home base is in the bustling and packed metropolitan of Jakarta, Indonesia. So what is our community all about? We do not discriminate on make or model. Got a JDM? Euro? Muscle? All is welcomed. We take a look at the car community as a place for car enthusiasts, we do not reject members just because they're not driving a certain class of vehicle or haven't achieved a certain HP.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the team that made it possible and the team that provides you with quality rep-worthy merchandise.

Aaron Michael Team Photo

Aaron Michael

Having travelled a lot, Aaron have gotten the opportunity to learn of different cultures and different car scenes around the world. With a dream of a unified car community, Atlas was born. Aaron spares what little time he can building this community, with the help of friends and dwarves he's recruited, he work on Atlas, when he's not working.
Ingrid Novita Team Photo

Ingrid Novita

Designer, In-house Viking
Having a very artsy nature, and very fond of Top Gear, it was clear Ingrid had a certain attraction to cars. She takes up designing and has a knack for it. She's the mastermind behind the designs and blessings of quality merchandise Atlas provides. Though a gentle soul, tread lightly as she's a savage viking at heart.

Joshua Jovan

Community Manager, Captain Slow
Joshua is a musician at heart that found peace with cars. His passion for cars is young, and he has much to learn. However, he is determined to gain knowledge and finish his build. He was the go-to man when you need information on the upcoming events and happenings with the Atlas community.

What else we do?

Quality Gear

We provide rad designs that any petrol head will love, coupled with the softest shirts you ever worn, they are the best gear to wear for a drive.

Autodoc Modification

We provide you with only the best. Which is why we've got you priority service and exclusive deals with the best in Lighting and Audio experts! Visit the forum to learn more!

Special Surprise

Patience, young grasshopper. In time, we will be providing you with something you won't be able to resist. We want the best for our members, so keep checking back to find out what it is!
What we've achieved so far


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Community roll-out

We are slowly expanding our community. This is a depiction of our current roll-out in the respective countries, with many more to come!

What people have to say about us and our products!


I've been watching Atlas Rally established itself. I'm surprised they can bring so much to the table with so little to start with! Although the community is small and slow, their product side of things is top-notch. Their premium clothing line does not disappoint and all the other merchandise they provide are nothing short of excellent.

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Frangky Yohanes

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